Bitunova in Europe

Jet Patching method of repairing road

surfaces (Blow Patcher):

This method, using modern materials, is more economical and productive of all other patching methods. Jet Patching method is used for both asphalt and cement concrete pavement, including eliminating potholes, minor subsidence, breaks and cracks in the pavement.

Due to the fact that during the patching is engaged only one truck-mount machine (company SCHÄFER) there is the opportunity to make repairs quickly in various places, without preparatory work (such as milling, preparation of the bitumen-concrete mix etc.). Jet Patching is more economical and productive of other patching methods.

The influence of human factor on quality of works is significantly reduced thanks to the electronic dosing control of components. And the use of innovative materials - modified bitumen emulsion and cubiform crushed stone produce consistently high quality of the repaired pavement.

The following operations are performed during Jet Patching (Blow-Patcher):
  • high pressure air is used to remove all debris from the pothole
  • the cleaned surface is evenly sprayed with a bitumen emulsion to create the best possible bond with the base surface.
  • fill with a mix of emulsion/chippings
  • fine, dry chippings are sprinkled on the repaired surface.

Advantages of Blow-Patcher method compared with other methods of patching:
  • more economically
  • without preparatory work
  • rapid implementation without preparatory work (such as milling, preparation of the bitumen-concrete mix etc.)
  • substantial reduction of labor costs to perform patching (the systematic work one machinery and 2 operators will provide the absence of holes on the extent of 70-100 km of the road during the year);
  • the repaired section of road can be opened up to traffic again immediately with a speed limit of 40 km / h.;
  • high quality cleaning of potholes and fill them with compressed air;
  • no need to compaction repaired road section as it is finally formed by traffic;
  • ecological method of repair. Due to the fact that the bitumen emulsion is used it is possible to work with cold and damp mineral materials.

Our company for these patching technology uses cation, polymer modified bitumen emulsion own production, which complies with all European and Ukrainian standards. Depending on the depth of damage it is used cubical crushed granite: fractions 2-5, 5-8 mm.