Bitunova in Europe

Surface dressing:

The most popular method of protection road coverings against abrasion is to apply surface treatment. Compared to traditional Bituminous, the usage of bituminous emulsions has a wide range of advantages:

The most important ones are:
  • bituminous emulsions have better adhesion characteristics with the stone material compared to usual Bituminous, which results in a firmer wearing course;
  • usage of various chippings is possible;
  • even diffusion of the adhesion promoter;
  • correction of unevenness’s by adopting the characteristics of the bituminous (decay speed, index of adhesion);
  • ecologically compatible and safe;

All these advantages lead to qualitative and long-lasting coverings, which harm the environment less, if bituminous emulsions are used.

For surface dressing "Bitunova Ukraine" uses a SCHÄFER – KRZA 8000 featuring an adjustable frame and a computer-controlled metering system, by which the amount of bituminous emulsion and chippings can be optimized. The main advantage of using this type of machine is the synchronic allocation of the adhesion material and the chippings by which the decay speed of the emulsion can be adjusted ideally.

For the surface dressing technology we use cationic, necessarily polymerically modified, bituminous emulsions, which meet European and Ukrainian applicable regulations.

Chippings used: cubic granitic chippings, fraction: 3-5, 5-8, 8-11 and 11-16 mm.

If thicker layers are needed, the surface treatment can be applied in two layers. The chippings are applied by 5-6 nozzles in one row. Traffic can run on the road immediately after the application of the chippings, introducing a speed limit during to 40 km/h the first four days.