Bitunova in Europe


The surface treatment of roads is being done under difficult conditions. This kind of work is subject to influenced, such as temperature fluctuations, traffic, water and other factors.

All these aspects have a negative impact on the utilization characteristics of the surface treatment. Moreover, these facts lower the esthetic effects of area of road construction as being an engineering complex.

In order to avoid an untimely destruction of surface treatments, STRABAG BauHolding AG has created the thin-layer covering technology using bituminous emulsion materials – MULTIMAC™.

By using this technology, the original surface conditions can be regained and the expected usefull life can be prolonged. Besides this, regular repair works allows for a considerable economical effect due to improved utilization characteristics.

Thin-layers covering MULTIMAC™™ consists of two layers. The lowest layer of covering features a leveling function of cement damages by filling all interstices with bituminous emulsion. Furthermore, this technology enables the leveling of deformed covering layers (to a depth of 1.5 cm) and prepared the surface for a second layer. The upper layer provides a wearing course function and also gives rigidity to the laid material. These layers are laid in a liquid consistency so that the emulsion fills all unevenness’ on the street. The MULTIMAC™ mixture is being produced and applied by a special truck, which is equipped with an electrical metering system. Due to this, the formula can constantly be kept. Cubical granitic chippings are used, which are strictly analyzed in our laboratory. For the production of MULTIMAC™™, we use a special type of bituminous emulsion: MM 60 KM, a polymerically modified Bituminous, which originates from Venezuelan sources.

The most significant advantage of the MULTIMAC™technology is the accurate selection of the fractions used in the chippings (0-8, 0-11). Due to this selection, a harsher cold emulsion can be generated, which results in better quality and longer utilization period of the covering. In addition to this, MULTIMAC™ must be applied in two layers. As a result, different formulas regarding the chippings fractions can be used, which lead to various utilization characteristics of the covering. MULTIMAC™, covering does not require any special packing. Only 20 minutes after the process of covering, traffic can run again on the road. The application of the MULTIMAC™ technology in European countries prolongs the utilization period of roads up to 6 – 8 years.