Bitunova in Europe

Bituminous Emulsion Producing:

An emulsion is a dispersion of one phase in another one. A bituminous emulsion is a brown liquid with a Bituminous particle size between 0.1 to 20 micro millimeters and a Bituminous content of 40 to 80 %.

The production of bituminous emulsions is a difficult technological process. Formulas for each kind of bituminous emulsions are determined depending on specific circumstances, the way they are used and the materials that are processed. The successful application of bituminous emulsions mainly depends on the quality technical characteristics of the emulsion production.

Thanks to long research in the field of bituminous emulsions and wide ranging experiences in applying emulsion technology made by STRABAG BauHolding AG and BITUNOVA GmbH, our company has the ability to produce any kinds of bituminous emulsions, being constantly supported by our concern specialists.

"Bitunova Ukraine" possesses a modern production plant with a production capacity of more than 100 tons of emulsions in shift operation. Automated production units were constructed by well-known European companies in cooperation with engineers and technologists provided by our concern. The installation was made by STRABAG BauHolding AG.

Because of the modern equipment provided by the companies BRAN+LUEBBE, DENIMO Tech and ProMinent, we have the opportunity to change the characteristics of the production process. Due to this, we are able of producing bituminous emulsions that meet European requirements.

Our company produces the following cationic bituminous emulsions: