Bitunova in Europe


The Austrian-Ukrainian joint venture "Bitunova Ukraine" - is
a a subsidiary production plant of STRABAG SE (Societas Europaea, ). It is one of the main leaders in the European construction market and one of the most popular road-building companies in Ukraine.

STRABAG SE was founded in 1895. At present, the concern takes the third place in the European building market, regarding the revenue. The revenue in the year 2006 amounted to more than €10 000 000 000 (>10 mrd €). STRABAG SE employs more than 53,000 people, being present in 30 countries. The company is specialized in building roads, bridges, tunnels, canals, high-rise buildings and design work.

Due to well grounded experience of the STRABAG SE subsidiary BITUNOVA Baustofftechnik GmbH (,which specializes in bituminous emulsion technologies, the company became present in eleven European countries (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Croatia). On the basis of the suggestion by the State Service Automobile Roads of Ukraine "AKRAVTODROM" the company "Bitunova Ukraine" was founded on February 19th, 2001.

The main goal, which was aimed for at the time of "Bitunova Ukraine"’s market entry, was and still is to implement new technologies in producing bituminous emulsions. Moreover, the company engages in building and repairing roads in Ukraine by using bituminous emulsion technologies.

Since the market entry, Bitunova Ukraine has erected a modern production plant of European standard for the production of bituminous emulsions. In addition to this, the company has created subdivisions, which work in the area of thin-layer covering, using bituminous emulsions.

The first thin-layer covering using bituminous emulsions in Ukraine was processed by MULTIMAC™ technology in 1998 on the road between Chop and Uzhgorod by a Slowakian BITUNOVA Baustofftechnik GmbH branch, namely CS BITUNOVA. Thereafter "Bitunova Ukraine" produced more than 25,000 tons of bituminous emulsions and laid 1,800 square meters of thin-layer covering by using the MULTIMAC™ technology.

Thanks to the access to newest development in the area of bituminous emulsions production, "Bitunova Ukraine" constantly enhances the production processes and technologies, which use bituminous emulsions, to the same level of other European STRABAG SEv companies. At the same time, "Bitunova Ukraine" offers modern European products at Ukrainian prices to its customers.